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New York State has an excellent (and quick) lookup webpage. Just enter your Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, County and Zip information and press the "Search" button on this page
NYSVoter Public Information - Voter Registration Search
This webpage provides a lot of information about your address, including your election district, your country legislative district, your state senate and state assembly districts, and your Congressional district.


To find your Election District, you can do any of the following:

    look it up on the New York State website (link above), which tells you what ED you're in
    check this map (below) to see where you live
    call the Bedford Town Clerk office! (914) 666-4534

Election District Maps (individual maps open in a separate window/tab)

  2023 Full Town Map (hi-res, pdf)
 District 1
 District 2
 District 3
 District 4
 District 5
 District 6
 District 7
 District 8
 District 9
 District 10
 District 11
 District 12
 District 13
 District 14
 District 15
 District 16
 District 17
 District 18

Where's the Polling Place for Each District?

If you know your Election District,
click here for the Polling Place (Address, map to the site, etc.)

Welcome to the Bedford Democratic Party, P.O. Box 801, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
The Bedford Democratic Committee is a registered Political Action Committee (PAC),
legally allowed to accept financial contributions under New York State Election Law.
Our membership and meetings are open to any registered Democrat in the Town of Bedford.

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