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MediaContact: Mark Dembo, BDC Chair
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Bedford Democratic Committee Endorses Candidates for Town Board & Westchester County Legislature

Bedford Hills, NY, February 27, 2023   The Bedford Democratic Committee (BDC) has announced its endorsement of candidates for the 2023 campaign season. Currently all incumbents, each candidate is experienced, tested, and an active member of the Bedford community. Seeking reelection are Supervisor Ellen Calves of Katonah, Councilmembers Bobbi Bittker of Bedford Hills and Tom Catoliato of Bedford Village, as well as Westchester District 2 County Legislator Erika Pierce of Katonah, all of whom were unanimously endorsed.

"These officials, who were duly elected by a majority of voters across Bedford, have served the community well by developing and enacting policies and legislation to improve the environment, manage a responsible budget, enhance public infrastructure and boost public safety, all while holding the line on taxes, clearly deserve to be re-elected," says BDC Chair Mark Dembo. "Their proven track record and commitment to delivering innovative and effective nonpartisan local government results will keep Bedford moving forward together."

"The Bedford Democratic Committee is excited to support these candidates in their important work in our town and county government," Dembo adds. "Their accomplishments, goals and community dedication are congruent with the values of constituents across each of Bedford’s hamlets, and the BDC will work diligently to help them get reelected in November."

To appear on the ballot, candidates need to collect signatures from registered Democrats in the town of Bedford. The collection period begins February 28 and runs through April 2.

Bedford residents interested in the campaign can email info@bedfordNYdemocrats.org, visit http://BedfordNYDemocrats.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/BedfordNYDemocrats to learn more, volunteer, and contribute.

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Contact: Mark Dembo, BDC Chair
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Bedford Democratic Slate Determined for November Election

Bedford Hills, NY, June 27, 2021, The following statement is issued by Mark Dembo, Chair of the Bedford Democratic Committee:

"As of June 24, with all the Election Districts in Bedford reporting their vote tallies, it is clear that Ellen Calves will be the winner in the primary for Bedford Town Supervisor. The current unofficial tally shows Calves with 67% (1,012 votes) to MaryAnn Carr with 33% (402 votes).

On behalf of the Bedford Democratic Committee, I heartily thank both MaryAnn and Ellen for their hard work, dedication, and passion to public service and to making Bedford a wonderful and inclusive place for all to live and work.

With two very active committee members and elected officials vying for the Supervisor’s seat, the Committee overwhelmingly voted earlier this year to let the broader electorate weigh in on which candidate should run on Democratic line in November. The Committee made a pledge to strongly support whichever candidate won the primary election. Primaries are a normal part of the democratic process and in fact, represent a healthy democracy of engaged citizens!

Through the early voting period and culminating with last Tuesday’s vote, the voters in Bedford spoke their voice and the vote tallies show that Ellen won the primary. We congratulate Ellen on this victory, and again commend MaryAnn for her current work as Town Supervisor and service to the town over the past several years. We look forward to continuing to work with MaryAnn as a community leader and her focus on issues that matter.

We are thrilled to have a strong slate of candidates on the ballot in November with Ellen Calves for Supervisor, Stephanie McCaine and Andres Castillo for Town Board, Jodi Kimmel for Town Justice, and Erika Pierce representing Bedford for County Legislator. This team, along with George Latimer running for re-election as County Executive, represents depth of experience, strong democratic values, an unwavering belief in inclusivity, and a passion for tackling the issues to continue to secure a bright outlook for all residents in the town."

Contact: Mark Dembo, BDC Chair
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Bedford Democratic Committee Announces New Leadership and Endorsements for Town of Bedford Elected Offices

Bedford Hills, NY, January 14, 2021: The Bedford Democratic Committee tonight has elected Mark Dembo as its new Chair following the resignation of MaryAnn Carr, who resigned as she stepped into the role of Bedford Town Supervisor. Additionally, Brett Kimmel was named Secretary for the Committee.

"I have had the awesome privilege of serving as chair of the Bedford Democratic Committee for more than 6 years and look forward to remaining a District Leader, supporting the committee and great candidates that share our values," Carr said.

"I am honored to step into the role as Chair of the Bedford Democratic Committee; we have been able to put together strong slates of candidates that have resonated across the Town, and I look forward to continuing the great work of the Committee in identifying and supporting candidates that support and advocate for Democratic values. We aim to represent the many voices of Democrats in our Town," said Dembo.

The Committee has also endorsed the following candidates for Town Office for the upcoming election cycle:
Town Justice: Jodi Kimmel
Town Board: Stephanie McCaine and Anthony Mamo
Town Clerk: Boo Fumagalli

Of the endorsements, Dembo stated: "We are excited to support these candidates as they seek important roles in our town governance. All of these candidates support the values and goals that are important to our constituents, and our Committee will work hard to help them get elected."

Dembo further stated that "the BDC supports Town Supervisor MaryAnn Carr and Deputy Supervisor Ellen Calves, both of whom are seeking to run for Supervisor in November. As both candidates are active members of the Democratic Committee and elected officials, the Committee felt it appropriate for the broader community to weigh in through the primary process to make a final decision on the candidate to run on the ballot in November."


Welcome to the Bedford Democratic Party, P.O. Box 801, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
The Bedford Democratic Committee is a registered Political Action Committee (PAC),
legally allowed to accept financial contributions under New York State Election Law.
Our membership and meetings are open to any registered Democrat in the Town of Bedford.

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