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Bedford Town Board Members January 2023
With the election of Tom Cataliato to fill the unexpired open term,
Democrats now have every seat on the Town Board

Bedford Town Board on inauguration day, 2023:
Andres Castillo-Quintana (term 12/31/2025)
Bobbi Bittker (term 12/31/2023)
Supervisor Ellen Calves (term 12/31/2023)
Stephanie McCaine (term 12/31/2025)
Tom Catoliato (term 12/31/2023)

Welcome to the Bedford Democratic Party, P.O. Box 801, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
The Bedford Democratic Committee is a registered Political Action Committee (PAC),
legally allowed to accept financial contributions under New York State Election Law.
Our membership and meetings are open to any registered Democrat in the Town of Bedford.

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