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Town of Bedford, New York
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Welcome to the website of the Bedford Democratic Party
P.O. Box 801
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

The Bedford Democratic Committee is a registered Political Action Committee (PAC) and is legally allowed to accept financial contributions under New York State Election Law.

Our membership is open to any registered Democrat.

David Menken
Town of Bedford Justice

David Menkin has served as Town Justice since 2013. His jurisdiction includes criminal arraignments, misdemeanor pleas and trials, vehicle and traffic matters, landlord/tenant, small claims, parking, zoning and dog control cases. He also serves as Accessible Magistrate for Youthful Offender and Juvenile Delinquent and pretrial detention petitions with jurisdiction throughout Westchester County.

Menken lives in Bedford with his wife, Julie and children, Jacob and Emily. Previously, he served as the chair of Bedfordís Zoning Board of Appeals, and as president of the Bedford Village Fire Department where he serves as an active firefighter and EMT. He was also first vice chair of the Westchester County Charter Revision Committee and a former Mount Kisco Village Attorney.


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