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Ellen Calves
Bedford Town Council Supervisor-Elect

Ellen was elected Supervisor in November, 2021, assuming office January 1, 2022.

Previously, she served on the Bedford Town Board and as deputy supervisor. She is an environmental attorney who worked at Bedford 2030 to organize neighbors, government, and organizations around healthy, clean, and resilient initiatives. Most recently, she led the COVID-19 volunteer response and mask distribution efforts during the lockdown; she chaired the Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Committee to ensure a focus on trust, transparency, and community policing in our town; she also chaired the town’s Climate Smart Communities team, and brought food scrap recycling to town.

Ellen led the effort to re-certify the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Westchester as a Welcoming Congregation by facilitating workshops, providing education, and conducting an audit of congregational practices to ensure inclusion, diversity and a welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ members, friends and visitors. Ellen is committed to undoing racism in our community and works to ensure that everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, age, or socioeconomic status feels heard, welcome, and included in town government and throughout our town.

Ellen graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Government and International Relations from the University of Notre Dame; She earned her JD with high honors from Emory University School of Law.

She lives in Katonah with her husband, Heberto. They have three children and a crazy dog.

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