New York Bedford Democratic Committee
Town of Bedford, New York

Chris Burdick
Bedford Town Supervisor

Chris Burdick has been supervisor of the Town of Bedford since 2014, and he served as a Town Board member from 2008 through 2013 before being elected Supervisor.

Chris brought balance and a fresh perspective to the Town Board; he revitalized the Board with new energy; he worked cooperatively and in a spirit of non-partisanship to get things done. With his background in town planning and conservation, Chris successfully assisted Bedford in cutting costs to hold down taxes and delivered on his promise to maintain the beauty and semi-rural character of our town.

Through diligence, hard work, and compromise, Chris has helped reduce the size of town government and made it more open and accessible. He has brought cutting edge savings through energy conservation, initiated the Dark Skies law, and worked to solve our water issues and add the Climate Action Plan to the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Chris continues to bring valuable knowledge and experience with town issues to the Board —

  Senior Vice President and Underwriting Council for Stewart Title Insurance Company, New York Metro Area.
  Chair of Bedford’s Wetlands Control Commission since 1999.
  Served on Bedford’s Master Plan Review Committee.
  Serves on the boards that oversee the stewardship of the Ketchum Preserve and the Westmoreland Sanctuary.
  Lawyer who also has a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins Univeresity and a BA in Economics.

Chris and his wife, Illyria, live in Bedford Village; their three children attended Bedford Central Schools.

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