New York Bedford Democratic Committee
Town of Bedford, New York

Kate Galligan Elected to Bedford Town Board
for a 4-year term beginning 1/1/2018

This biography was published January 30, 2017 in the Bedford Daily Voice

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BEDFORD, N.Y. – Longtime community advocate Kate Galligan has been tapped by Bedford Democrats to run for a seat on the Town Board this fall.

She will be on the slate with MaryAnn Carr, who is seeking re-election to the board. Galligan helped manage Carr’s campaign in last year’s special elections.

Also running is Democratic incumbent Supervisor Chris Burdick.

Carr and Galligan are seeking 4-year-terms while Burdick, who was first elected in 2013 and re-elected in 2015, is seeking a third two-year term.

Carr won a special election in March 2016 to fill a vacancy left by Francis Corcoran, who had been elected to the Westchester County Board of Legislators the previous November.

The Town Board is made up of five members.

Galligan lives in Katonah with her husband, Paul, and their four children.

She led a successful petition drive in 2015, with the Katonah Village Improvement Society, to halt the expansion of CVS.

That effort resulted in a key change in the town’s zoning code, which protects all hamlet business districts and thwarts over-development, the Democrats said.

A member of the Katonah Village Library’s board of trustees, Galligan is also co-moderator of Katonah Parents Facebook page. The online community group says it has nearly 2,000 members.

Galligan will be seeking the seat being vacated by Mary Beth Kass.

Burdick said “it's absolutely appropriate” that Galligan follows Kass since she “is strongly committed to the program which Bedford 2020 has so successfully been advocating.”

Galligan “brings experience, a warm and caring personality and a collaborative ‘can do’ approach,” said Burdick, adding: “She'd be great on the Town Board."

Carr called Galligan a “fair-minded person.”

“Even when she disagrees with someone, she is respectful, she acknowledges other points of view, and she works to find common ground,” Carr said.

“Fair-mindedness is “probably the single-most important skill for a board member,” Carr added.

Galligan said she was motivated to run for office because she appreciates the “positive role” town government can play in bettering the lives of residents, especially now, when so many “feel incredibly frustrated and frightened right now about the national political situation.”

Being on the Town Board might “seem far removed from Washington but core Democratic principles of fairness, tolerance, inclusion – as well as an unwavering commitment to the environment – are certainly applicable at any level of government,” Galligan said.

Burdick, she added, “has done a truly admirable job of advancing these principles while advocating for fiscal prudence.”

“I would love to join Chris and MaryAnn on the board in order to help them further encourage this vision,” Galligan said, promising to “work tirelessly for the ticket, the party, and the good of our beautiful town.”

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