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Welcome to the website of the Bedford Democratic Party
P.O. Box 801
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

The Bedford Democratic Committee is a registered Political Action Committee (PAC) and is legally allowed to accept financial contributions under New York State Election Law.

Our membership is open to any registered Democrat.

MaryAnn Carr, Bedford Town Council Member

MaryAnn Carr was elected in a special election on March 15, 2016, for an unexpired seat on the Board, and elected to a full 4-year term beginning 2018. She continues her long history of working hard to support the many community organizations in our Town.

She has helped streamline the application process for financial support while maintaining fiscal accountability.

MaryAnn enthusiastically endorses the environmental initiatives for which Bedford has become nationally known.

She sees the creation of the sewer district and the promotion of septic maintenance and repair as critical to the vitality of our hamlets.

MaryAnn advocates for inclusiveness and tolerance, valuing all voices and points of view when Town concerns are being addressed.

MaryAnn has been active in Bedford community organizations for years, and continues as:
  • Town Board Liaison to Recreation and Parks, Planning Department, Town Court, Bedford Central School District (BCSD)
  • Chair, Community Organizations Committee
  • Chair, Bedford Democratic Committee
  • Active parent volunteer in BCSD
  • Committee Member, Bedford 2020 Food Forum
  • Board Member, Rehabilitation Through the Arts
  • Bedford Antioch Church, engaged in outreach programs for the Community Center, Katonah
  • Leadership role in the Gala Annual Event for the Martin Luther King Scholarship for Youth
She is an information technology consultant to Fortune 500 companies. She has a B.S. in computer science from Jackson State University.

MaryAnn resides in Bedford, where her daughter Sorvina attended BCSD schools Elementary-12.

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